If you are an undergraduate student at the University of Miami please email Prof. Angel Kaifer (akaifer@miami.edu) no later than the first week of the semester in question (sooner would be much better).  To be considered you must have completed two semesters of General Chemistry, two semesters of Organic Chemistry and their corresponding laboratories.  You can do research for credit by enrolling in CHM 488 or CHM 490, but this is not required.  You should be prepared to work at least two periods of three hours each week and your schedule should be planned accordingly.  If you would like to do research during the summer, please inquire about fellowships and other forms of stipend support that might be available. The sooner you inquire the better your chances of getting any kind of financial support.

If you would like to pursue graduate studies in our group, the first step is to gain admission to our graduate program in chemistry.  Application forms and further information are available online:


Once you become a graduate student in our program, we will be in a position to discuss possible research projects and finalize your association with the group.

For any other research stays in the group, including postdoctoral work, please email Prof. Angel Kaifer (akaifer@miami.edu) directly.  Because of funding limitations, the odds improve markedly if you can secure your own salary or stipend.