Group Members

  • Dr. Angel E. Kaifer, Professor
  • Wei Li, Graduate Student
  • Song Yi, Graduate Student
  • Mohammad Hossein Tootoonchi, Graduate Student
  • Sanem Senler, Graduate Student
  • Yanhua Qiu, Graduate Student
  • Beijun Cheng, Graduate Student
  • Brandon Diaz, Undergrad Student

Recent PhD Graduates:

  • Dr. Wei Wang, Dec. 2008
  • Dr. Dagmara Podkoscielny, May 2009
  • Dr. Lu Cui, June 2009 

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Angel Kaifer
Supramolecular electrochemistry, cucurbituril complexes, molecular capsules, etc..

Song Yi
EPR, nitroxide spin probes, supramolecular capsules, nanomaterials

Wei Li
Cucurbituril complexes, functionalized dendrimers for gene delivery

Mohammad Hossein Tootoonchi
Host-Host assembly

Sanem Senler
Supramolecular polymers

Yanhua Qiu
Molecular assembly


Beijun Cheng
Dendrimers for CO2 capture