Welcome to the Research Scott Group

The Scott Group at the University of Miami focuses on time-resolved laser spectroscopy. We are currently accepting positions for visiting undergraduate, graduate, and professors from abroad. For talented undergraduate and graduate students applying, a visiting fellow stipend for 3-6 months may be given. Please inquire with Prof. Scott at amscott@miami.edu

Recent Publications

31. Carlino, T. M., Hu, Q, and *Scott, A. M. "Aggregate Induced Self-Assembly and Ultrafast Dynamics of Light-Harvesting D-A-A Polymorphs"  Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 2018, 1800391

30. Manrique, P.; Mazza, M. A.; Yamazaki, S.; *Cohn, J.; *Scott, A. M. and *Johnson, N. “Photoinduced Electron-Hole Recombination in Supramolecular Polymer Networks” 2018 revisions

29. Yamazaki, S.; Diaz, M. A; Carlino, T. M.; Gotluru, C.; Mazza, M. A.; and *Scott, A. M. “Ultrafast Spectroscopic Dynamics of Quinacrine-Riboflavin Binding Protein Interactions” Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2017, 121 (35), pp 8291–8299

28. Mazza, M. A.; Yamazaki, S.; Mai, D.X.; Padgoankar, S.; Peurifoy, S. R.; Goncalves, A.; Wu, Y. L.; Hu, Q and *Scott, A. M. “Photoinduced Charge Recombination in Dipolar D-A-A Photonic Liquid Crystal Polymorphs” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2017 19, 4588-4596


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