Welcome to the Scott Research Group

The Scott Group at the University of Miami focuses on time-resolved laser spectroscopy. We are currently accepting positions for visiting undergraduate, graduate, and professors from abroad. For talented undergraduate and graduate students applying, a visiting fellow stipend for 3-6 months may be given. Please inquire with Prof. Scott at amscott@miami.edu‌

Recent Publications

33. Shukla D., Prasai N., Carlino T., Mazza M. A., Scott A. M., and Cohn J. "Anisotropic heat conduction in the metal organic framework perovskites [C(NH2)3]X(HCOO)3 (X = Cu, Zn)", Appl. Phys. Lett., 2019, 081907, 114

32. Carlino, T. M., Hu, Q, and *Scott, A. M. "Aggregate Induced Self-Assembly and Ultrafast Dynamics of Light-Harvesting D-A-A Polymorphs"  Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 2018, 1800391

31. Manrique, P.; Mazza, M. A.; Yamazaki, S.; *Cohn, J.; *Scott, A. M. and *Johnson, N. “Photoinduced Electron-Hole Recombination in Supramolecular Polymer Networks” 2018 revisions

30. Tangar A., Yamazaki S., Bernard S., Derrien V., Sebban P., Scott A. M. and Miksovska J. "Reactivity of Hexacoordinated HEME Proteins on Ultrafast Timescales" Biophysical Journal, 2018, 144 (3), 419A

29. Yamazaki, S.; Diaz, M. A; Carlino, T. M.; Gotluru, C.; Mazza, M. A.; and *Scott, A. M. “Ultrafast Spectroscopic Dynamics of Quinacrine-Riboflavin Binding Protein Interactions” Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2017, 121 (35), pp 8291–8299

28. Mazza, M. A.; Yamazaki, S.; Mai, D.X.; Padgoankar, S.; Peurifoy, S. R.; Goncalves, A.; Wu, Y. L.; Hu, Q and *Scott, A. M. “Photoinduced Charge Recombination in Dipolar D-A-A Photonic Liquid Crystal Polymorphs” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2017 19, 4588-4596


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