Seminar Schedule


Seminars will be held at 3:30 pm in Cox Science Building Room 318 (unless noted otherwise).

Date Speaker Host
Jan. 9 Valentine Vullev (University of California, Riverside) J. Olivier
Jan. 18 Joe Schlenoff (Florida State University) C. Hoff
Jan. 25 Chenzhong Li (Florida International University) R. Leblanc
  Whole Cell Analysis-From Single Cell to Organ on a Chip
Feb. 1 Ajeet Kaushik (Florida International University) R. Leblanc
Feb. 8 Henry Schaefer (University of Georgia) C. Hoff
Feb. 22 Coray Colina (University of Florida) O. Acevedo
  Polymer bioconjugates: An in silico perspective
March 1 Claes Wahlestedt (University of Miami) R. Leblanc
  Understanding and drugging the epigenome: small molecules and oligonucleotides 
March 22 Edikan Archibong-Ogunnaike (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) R. Leblanc
  Microneedle patch: direct drug delivery platform 
March 29 Ray Schaak (Penn State) M. Knecht
  A Designer's Toolkit for Constructing Complex Nanoparticle Librarie 
April 12 Erik M Grumstrup (Montana State University) J. Olivier
  Chemically- and Structurally- correlated Charge Carrier Transport in Disordered Materials 
April 19 He Wang (University of Miami) R. Prabhakar
  Structure-photophysics-function relationship of perovskite solar cells 
April 26 Bonnie Charpentier (ACS president) O. Acevedo