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  • Spring 2022

    Jan 28 Dr. Michael Wolfe (University of Kansas) “Integrating Chemistry and Biology to Solve Alzheimer’s Disease”
    Host: R. Leblanc
    Feb 4 Dr. Joan Hevel (Utah State University) “Naturally occurring cancer-associated mutations disrupt oligomerization and activity of Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 1 (PRMT1)
    Host: O. Acevedo
    Feb 11 Prof. Rong Tong (Virginia Tech): TBA. Host:  F. Zhang
    Feb 18 Prof. Sean Roberts (UT Austin):  TBA. Host:  J.H. Olivier
    Feb 25 TBD
    Mar 4 Prof. Pratim Biswas (U of Miami): TBA.
    Host: Walls
    Mar 11 TBD
    Mar 25 TBD
    Apr 1 TBD
    Apr 8 Prof. Jakub Kostal (George Washington University): TBA
    Host: O. Acevedo
    Apr 15 Dr. Prashanth Poddutoori (U of Minnesota at Duluth): TBA
    Host: C. Agatemo
    Apr 22 Prof. Tatjana Parac-Vogt (KU Leuven): TBA
    Host. R. Prabhakar
    Apr 29 Prof. Luis Manuel Frutos Gaite (Universidad de Alcala)
    Host: C. Hoff

  • Fall 2021

    Aug 27 Prof. Guizhi (Julian) Zhu (Virginia Commonwealth University): “Engineering and delivery of nucleic acid therapeutics and vaccines for cancer immunotherapy”
    Host: F. Zhang
    Sept 3 Dr. Yang Zhang (Northwester)  “Novel fluorophores and Imaging methods for Super-Resolution Spectroscopy”
    Sept 10 Dr. Patrick Griffin (Scripps Research, Scripps Florida):  “Hijacking molecular plasticity to fine tune nuclear receptor signaling:  Structural Proteomics and Function Dynamics of RORy”  FICMS
    Sept 21 Dr. Rachel Hevey (University of Basel),”Molecular Design in Glycomimetic Therapeutics”
    Host: Agatemor.
    Oct 1 Dr. John Bushweller (University of Virginia), “Decoding and Drugging Transcription Factor Drivers in Leukemia”, FICMS
    Oct 8 Prof. Zuzana Zajickova (Barry University)  “Organo-silica monoliths: Tuning preparation conditions and optimizing separation performance in capillary liquid chromatography”
    Host:  JH Olivier
    Oct 15 Prof. Dirk Guldi (Friedrich-Alexander Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg):  “A step change in solar energy conversion”
    Hosts: F. Raymo and J.H. Olivier
    Oct 22 Dr. Szanyi Janos (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) “Mechanistic studies on CO2 reduction over oxide supported metal catalysts: The critical role of in situ-formed active sites at the metal/oxide interface”
    Hosts: B. Captain and C. Hoff
    Oct 29 Prof. Jayaraman Sivaguru (Bowling Green State University)  “Lighting Up New Reaction Pathways: Channeling New Excited State Processes Towards Productive Chemical Pathways”
    Host: V. Ramamurthy
    Nov 5 Prof. Nathaniel Rosi (University of Pittsburgh)  “Molecular Control of the Structure and Properties of Chiral Nanoparticle Superstructures”
    Host: Knecht
    Nov 12 Prof. John M. Franck (Syracuse University)  “Experimentally Observing Fast Molecular Dynamics with Spin Dynamics”
    Host: J. Walls
    Nov 19 Prof. Julie Kovacs (University of Washington) “Cleavage of Strong C-H Bonds by a Thiolate-Ligated FeIII-Superoxo complex”
    Host: K. Meier (Cancelled).
    Dec 3 Prof. John Swierk (Binghamton University) “The obvious facts and deceptions of photoredox reactions”
    Host: JH Olivier