Seminar Schedule


Seminars will be held at 3:30 pm in Cox Science Building Room 318 (unless noted otherwise).

Date Speaker Host
Jan. 15 Robert Gillies (Moffitt Cancer Center) L. Bachas
Jan. 24 Oscar Ces (Imperial College) L. Bachas
Artificial Cells and Cellular Bionics
Jan. 31 Vicki Grassian (University of California San Diego) C. Hoff
Feb. 21 John Tovar (Johns Hopkins University) J. Olivier
Feb. 28 Hannah Shafaat (Ohio State University) K. Meier
March 27 Chun-Long Chen (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) M. Knecht
Designing sequence-defined peptoids for bio-inspired synthesis of functional nanomaterials
April 3 Abraham Joy (University of Akron) V. Ramamurthy
April 17 Edward Maginn (University of Notre Dame) O. Acevedo