BS/MS Chemistry (Accelerated Five-Year Programs)

The 5-year BS/MS degree in the Department of Chemistry is designed to improve the academic foundation of undergraduates in the chemical sciences and will allow them to become more competitive for employment and/or admission into Ph.D. graduate programs and health professional schools, such as medical and dental programs.

The first step for students seeking admission into the program is for the student to identify a graduate Chemistry faculty member willing to participate in the BS/MS Chemistry Program. The Director of the Chemistry BS/MS Program can help the student find a participating faculty member. Students are encouraged to meet with several faculty members prior to selecting a research advisor. In addition to the requirements for the Bachelor of Science, students must complete two semesters undergraduate research, CHM 488, prior to their Masters year. All research credits taken must be completed with the same research advisor during their Senior and Masters years.


Freshman/Sophomore/Junior year: Find a research mentor and begin research project.

Junior year: Notify the program director of intent and apply to the program.

Senior year: Complete requirements for B.S. and take 5-credits of CHM 488 Undergraduate Research.

Summer between Senior and Masters years: Continue lab research in CHM 810.

Masters year: Continue lab research, take masters coursework, write and defend thesis.


Getting Started (sophomore or junior year)

  • Contact the program director to express your interest and to begin the search for a research mentor.
  • Apply during your junior year for admission into the program.

Senior Year:

  • Take research courses: CHM 488 (3 credits in Fall and 2 credits in Spring are required).

Summer between Senior Year and Masters Year:

  • Take research courses: CHM 810 (9 credits). It is possible to take CHM 810 during your undergraduate Fall/Spring semesters if you completed all 5 credits of CHM488.

Masters Year:

  • 2 Graduate Chemistry Courses, CHM 620, 641, 653, or 681, (6 credits)
  • CHM 780 Departmental Seminar (1 credits)
  • CHM 779 Chemistry Seminar (2 credit)
  • CHM 810 Masters Thesis (12 credits)

Note: Please meet with the BS/MS Chemistry Program Director, Dr. Orlando Acevedo ( prior to registering for courses every semester while in the dual degree program.