Admission Information


The candidate must hold a B.S./B.A. degree from an accredited institution. Consideration is given to applicants who have successfully completed general chemistry (two semesters), organic chemistry (two semesters), physical chemistry (two semesters), and the related laboratories. A course in advanced inorganic chemistry is strongly recommended, and remedial work in this area may be required of students who have not taken such a course. The mathematics and physics courses that are normally included in a B.S. program in chemistry are also required.

Domestic Applicants

Applicants should read the instructions carefully before filling out the forms and should keep copies of all material submitted during the application process. The application and all supporting documentation become the confidential property of the School and cannot be returned. Evaluation of the application will be done only after the file is complete with the following:

The course program at the University of Miami is such that entry into the graduate program is best done in the fall semester, which begins in late August of each year. Application dates are October 1 – January 15.The deadline for submission of all application materials is January 15 of each year. Receipt of application materials before the deadline is recommended. Applications completed after January 15 may be held for consideration for the same year depending on the availability or for the following year at the applicant's request.

To All Applicants

Questions regarding admission should be directed to:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the application process and the graduate program is available here