EFFECTIVE 24 August 2015

UM Chemistry Department research faculty with grants from federal agencies such as NSF, NIH, and DOD pay a flat rate of $400.00 per month for all instrument charges if their per-sample total exceeds that amount per month. Intradepartmental rates apply only to UM Department of Chemistry personnel, all other users are charged at the interdepartmental or commercial rates. All users are expected to bring their own supplies.

All funds collected are deposited into the instrument maintenance account. Fees are based on typical yearly expenses to maintain each instrument and cost of repairs.
Each instrument has a one hour minimum useage fee.

Instrument Type Intradepartmental Charges Interdepartmental / Commercial Charges
NMR $35/sample+$15/hour $100/sample+$50/hour
EPR $35/sample+$15/hour $100/sample+$50/hour
ESI MassSpec $35/sample+$15/hour $100/sample+$30/hour
GC\MS $25/sample+$15/hour $100/sample+$30/hour
FTIR No charge $100/sample+$30/hour
TGA No charge $100/sample+$30/hour
Additional Technical Labor No charge $200/hour+supply cost