Proposals for Research Funding

University policy requires that all proposals for research funding (including subcontracts and letters of intent) have institutional approval prior to submission to the agency.  The College of Arts & Sciences has established an office for Research Administration and Sponsored Programs (RASP) to facilitate the proposal process as well as to provide assistance and oversight for administrative activities related to sponsored research post award. 

Sponsored Programs Manager (SPM)
Cox Science Center, Room 202
Locator Code: 0431
Phone: 305-284-4797
Fax: 305-284-4797

Norma Lissette Cajina
Sponsored Programs Assistant
Cox Science Center, Room 314
Phone 305-284-6111

Final institutional authorization to submit a proposal is granted by the Office of Research Administration.  This office has established deadline for submission of proposals 10 days prior to the agency deadline.

To ensure compliance with this deadline, faculty are encouraged to begin preparations and engage the RASP staff as early as possible in the development of a proposal.  You should provide the RASP with:

  • A copy (or web link) of the sponsor’s Request for Application (RFA) or Request for Proposal (RFP) if the proposal is in response to an RFA or RFP or Program Announcement
  • Submission deadline
  • Proposed project start and end dates
  • Project title
  • Budget details
  • Names of PI and CoPIs

The RASP staff will work closely with faculty to assist in developing budgets. RASP will compile the budget in a special Excel format required by Research Administration to ensure accurate CFB and F&A rates are used and will help to ensure that the budget properly reflects items of expense and conforms to University and sponsor policies as well as federal regulations.
RASP staff will provide assistance with:

  • Agency Forms
  • UM Forms
    • Proposal Transmittal Form
    • Cost Sharing/Matching Funds Statement
    • Request for Facilities & Administrative (Indirect) Cost Waiver
  •, NSF FastLane and other on-line proposal processing

The PI should prepare a detailed Budget Justification/Narrative to be submitted with the proposal packet for the 10-day deadline.  
The Proposal Abstract/Summary is not required to be submitted at the 10-day deadline and can be worked on by the PI during the Research Administration review period.  A completed version must be submitted to RASP prior to submission to the agency.

The RASP Sponsored Programs Manager has been authorized by the Dean to approve proposals and other Sponsored Programs actions on the Dean’s behalf.  
Early contact with RASP staff, even at the drafting stage, will help to establish the proper sequence of events and thereby help to assure meeting the desired sponsor’s deadline. Please remember that this is our primary goal.  

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