Spring 2023 – Congratulations to graduate student Deepa Neupane on receiving the top prize at the 2023 Graduate + Postdoctoral Research Symposium, Physical Sciences & Engineering Division for her poster presentation titled, “Using Spectroscopy and Biochemical Tools to Define the Role of Copper in Promoting the Aggregation of Huntingtin Protein with Non-Pathogenic Expansion”. Way to go Deepa!

Click here for the Symposium Recap

Spring 2023 – Dr. Meier receives the One-Time Funding Opportunity for Junior Faculty award for her work to define the role of Cys-rich regions in huntingtin protein with non-pathogenic polyQ expansions. 

Dr. Meier is highlighted in the Spring CTSI Newsletter for her work on Huntington’s Disease: https://miamictsi.org/uncategorized/ctsi-kl2-scholar-looks-beyond-basic-science-to-advance-huntingtons-disease-research/

Dr. Meier receives the NSF CAREER award for her work to spectroscopically investigate protein-protein interactions in iron-containing metalloproteins and metalloenzymes using a metal-centric spectroscopy approach. Dr. Meier’s research will study the interactions involving two different proteins that contain iron by using methods that follow specifically the chemical properties of this metal at the protein-protein interaction surface. It is anticipated that the proposed studies will provide spectroscopically informed insight that is currently lacking but is required for “bottom-up” design of peptidomimetics to modulate and report on PPIs. 

Summer 2021 – Prajakta Badve is named one of three graduate students to receive a 2021 Sam and Clara Schreiber Chemistry Summer Research Award.  Congratulations Prajakta!

Spring 2021 – Dr. Meier is named a Center for Translational Research Institute KL2 Awardee! http://miamictsi.org/news/2020/12/ctsi-announces-new-cohort-of-kl2-awardees-for-fy21

Winter 2020 – Graduate student Kassidy Rodriguez officially joins the group. Welcome to the Meier Lab, Kassidy!

Fall 2020 – The Meier Lab welcomes undergraduate researcher Alfred Shomar to the group. Alfred will be joining the MDR subgroup.

Spring 2020 – Graduate students Deepa Neupane and Prajakta Badve join the group. Welcome Deepa and Prajakta!

Spring 2020 – Dr. Meier is named a Frost Junior Fellow! https://www.as.miami.edu/academics/faculty-research-spotlight/index.html

Spring 2020 – The Meier Lab welcomes undergraduate researcher Elliott Cleven to the group. Elliott will be joining the MDR subgroup.