Lectures by Prof V. Ramamurthy
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  • A Short Course on Supramolecular Photochemistry

    Lec 1- Light and LIfe(pdf)

    Lec 2- MP-Light and Molecules(pdf)

    Lec 3- MP-Absoption and Emission (pdf) 

    Lec 4- MP-Radiationless Transitions and Reactions  (pdf)

    Lec 5- MP-Energy and Electron Transfer (pdf) 

    Lec 6- SMP-Introduction and Photophysics(pdf) 

    Lec 7- SMP-Cage and Conformational Effects(pdf)

    Lec 8- SMP-Photodimerization(pdf)

    Lec 9- SMP-Chiral Photochem(pdf)

    Lec 10- Personalities(pdf)

  • Talks Based on our Ongoing Research on Supramolecular Photochemistry

    Lec 1- Controlling Chemistry with Cations(pdf)

    Lec 2- Chiral Photochemistry-Zeolites(pdf)

    Lec 3- Chiral Photochemistry of Diphenylcyclopropa (pdf) 

    Lec 4- Photodimerization in Crystals and Water-Green Chemistry  (pdf)

    Lec 5- Photochemistry in Crystalline State (pdf) 

    Lec 6- Photochemistry in a Capsule- Dynamics and Reactions(pdf) 

    Lec 7- Photochemistry in a Capsule-Spin, Energy and Electron Transfer(pdf)

    Lec 8- A Model for Chemistry in Confined Spaces(pdf)

    Lec 9- Medium is the Message(pdf)

    Lec 10- Thanks to those who made it possible(pdf)

  • General talks on topics related to science

    Lec 1-Light and Life (pdf)

    Lec 2-Science and Technology (pdf)

    Lec 3-Science and Scientists (pdf)

    Lec 4-Fame and Shame (pdf)